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lunedì, novembre 04, 2002

Dal Web:
Ho rintracciato su Variety una delle prime critiche americane al Pinocchio di Benigni. Con piacere annuncio che è negativa: "In Roberto Benigni's take on Carlo Collodi's classic fairy tale, 'Pinocchio', the spirit of the late Federico Fellini -- with whom Benigni talked of doing the project together -- surfaces repeatedly. But that spirit fails to enliven a film substantially lacking in personality, energy, magic and humor." "The actor-director's iconic popularity -- and the record 900-print opening Oct. 11 -- virtually guarantee massive grosses in Italy, but international outlook appears more uncertain." "Regardless of its box office, the film seems unlikely to displace Disney's 1940 animated classic as the quintessential screen version. " " Even when Benigni makes a cheeky, self-referential nod, bouncing across the seatbacks of a crowded marionette theater auditorium as he did at the Oscars, the actor's usual boundless energy seems forced."